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    We've been running CRM 4.0 production and development environments in separate domains. Only the production environment has the email router & rules configured. We are now building a CAT environment in the same domain as our production environment. All the users for both systems exists in the production domain as well as on the one production Exchange 2007 server.


    Can I use the current production CRM email router for our CAT environment and simply add a new deployment or should I setup a new CRM email router on the CAT server? Again, all the users for both systems are the same and both CRM servers are in the same domain.


    Also, I'm assuming I'll have to create "test" users for the CAT environment so there won't be any email conflicts and since the Outlook client only connects to one CRM instance. Is this correct?

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 7:07 PM



    You can use the same email router for your CAT environment (what is CAT?) by adding a new deployent.


    If you need e-mails to flow in and out of the CAT environment you'll need to configure e-mails carefully.  How have you configured users for e-mail in CRM at the moment? If you are using a forward mailbox, then I think you should create a second forward mailbox for the new deployment. If you are using CRM for Outlook as the e-mail setting then you don't to use the router at all!




    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 4:17 PM