Enable ribbon from navigation link, or replace associated grid from linked entity (CRM 2011) RRS feed

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  • Hey,

    I have the following problem: We've developed a custom document solution based on SharePoint, and would like to display the documents in CRM from a Navigation Link in the menu. What we also have is a custom button in the ribbon that opens the same document library. However, when clicking the link the ribbon is disabled since we're not in context anymore.The navigation link is a simple HTML-webresource that redirects to SharePoint.

    Is there a work around for this? What I've also tried is to add a new entity with a new relationship, as per this post, but I can't get really figure at the javascript. I've found this post but that also disables the ribbon as it we're again losing context. I think that I have to replace only the grid control (image), or the element containing it, but I'm not able to do that.

    Anyone managed to do something like that? Is it even possible? Supported or unsupported customizations allowed - it doesn't matter. When upgraded to CRM 2013, we'll have to rethink the approach for displaying this anyway. Inserting an iFrame on the form is not the solution I'm looking for (although it solves the problem).

    Friday, November 15, 2013 1:22 PM