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  • I thought it would be very easy to add small-bit functionality to windows explorer, but I found no information in about 5 hours searching (mind you I've not done any programming since '90s, English is not my native tongue-although the words I know I think I use rather fluently).

    So short'n sweet: I'd like to add functionality to modify categories in windows explorer in a minor user-friendly way (or to find out HOW). Especially one I think would be of importance so I show it as an examples. The data is already in windows explorer, and I'd feel foolish to write a program just to do these kinds of minor tweaks (and I'd have to relearn a lot):

    Like, if I have safeguarded my data by copying 50 movies I'd like to have it shown like in (library) database, like (original first):

    Name                                Size  Type Date created Date modified
    A smoking gun.mov           (some irrelevant data)
    A movie.mp3
    Day too far.mp4
    The third.mp3

    I'd like to be able to add more categories that use the data that is already there. To make these show like in the library, add Name_lib (or something like that) I could add some functionality-instead of creating an application for just this minor. So it would show:

    NameLib                                                                Size  Type Date created  Name
                                                      (some irrelevant data)                 NOTE!     (names still in normal text here)
    Day too far.mp4                                                                                         Day too far.mp4
    movie (a).mp3                                                                                           a movie.mp3
    smoking gun (A).mov
    third (The).mp3

    So now I could arrange them "correctly" for library (NameLib) or normally (Name). Any takers ?
    I'd have X={a, the, A, The} in that nameLib, maybe even (heh, hoping) some regexp possibility there.

    Thank you in advance,
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