IE 11 does not persist cookie in multiple subdomain RRS feed

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  • A very wired issue I'm facing in IE 11 related to cookies storage.
    I have a project with multiple subdomain like this  https://abc.def.ghi.jkl.com

    Whenever I'm landing to my this website my cookies are present in browser but the moment I'm going to some other page of same website. the cookies are getting disappeared from browser.
    Same issue I tested in Chrome and Firefox as well, the cookies are getting stored and persistent through out the project no matter i move to N no. of pages. 
    I assume there is something specially related to IE 11 only because I checked in edge and its working there also.
    I'm storing cookies from PHP 5.4 using set cookie();

    Tuesday, November 24, 2020 2:25 PM


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