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  • I am using a Linux machine running Samba as a file server to host source code and project files for my Windows PC running Visual Studio 2005.  As part of our setup, the Linux machine makes extensive use of symbolic links.  I have noticed that when I open a symbolic link on the Linux file server with Visual Studio and save it, Visual Studio saves the actual file over the symbolic link, which converts the symbolic link into a regular file causing it to lose its connection with its symbolic link target file.

    For instance, if I open the symbolic link /home/me/testLink.cpp, which points to /home/me/test.cpp and save it with Visual Studio 2005, the contents of /home/me/test.cpp are saved over the symbolic link /home/me/testLink.cpp, turning the testLink.cpp into a regular text file that no longer points to /home/me/test.cpp.

    I have tried this same experiment with Visual Studio 2003, and it does not destroy the symbolic link.  Neither does SlickEdit.  It is like VS 2005 is first deleting the file, then saving it.   Has anyone else seen this problem or have any workarounds to preserve the symbolic links?

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