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    Resolving Your family lawyer Palmer Matter Efficiently, Favorably And Compassionately. Family law issues, including divorce and child custody disputes, can be overwhelming, confusing and highly emotional. 

    I am Gayle J. Brown, Attorney at Law, an Alaska divorce and family lawyer with many years of legal experience.
    Assault and battery defined and explained with examples. An unlawful physical attack, or threat of violence, on an individual, with or without actual injury.

    Most children have a mischievous streak, but sometimes it goes too far and crosses the line into criminal behavior. Since children don't belong in a penitentiary with adults, and since minors generally have a 

    greater chance of rehabilitation, there are special rules and procedures to handle juvenile crime.

    Practice Areas:::

    -Criminal Defense

     Domestic Violence
     Assault and Battery
     Juvenile Crimes 
     Drug Crimes
     Probation Violations
     Burglary, Robbery and Theft
     Reckless Driving
     Sex Crimes
     Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Assault
     Drunk Driving

    -Family Lawyer

     Preparing For Divorce
     Divorce Attorney Anchorage
     Child Custody Attorney Anchorage 

    -Personal Injury

     How Much Can I Get For My Car Accident Injury
     Motor Vehicle Accident

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