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    I am using MS Project 2007 and I am getting an error message  "an unexpected  problem occurred while opening the file. The file may be damaged. Try using a backup copy."

    I did get rid of any &,',",<, > That I had. Also placed this out on the other forum but no one responded.

    Just wondering if anyone ran across this or know what I can do here....

    I did a "Save as" selecting Microsoft excel workbook.*.xls and went through the export wizard  to produce the file out of MS Project 2007. I had no selection for a 2007 version of excel. I built a MAP selecting TASKS.

    When I produce the excel file I get "You are trying to save afile to an older file format. This file may be less secure than a file saved in the new file format. I than select YES to save the file. Like I said it was the only option to select.

    I open up excel and create the XML file doing a save type of xml spreadsheet   2003(*.xml)

    I than get a message that the excel file may contain features that are not compatible with XML spreadsheet 2003. I reply YES to keep the format which leaves out  inncompatible features.

    I than go to MS Project opening up a blank project and than go to FILE OPEN slect tyhe file type of XML...find my xml file   OPEN get the wizard... open as a new project...click finish and get the message

    1) Why when I am using MS Project 2007 do I only get a selection for the 2003 v ersion of excel

    2) what is wrong here...how do I get this IMported XML file into MS Project


    Sunday, September 26, 2010 12:50 PM


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