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  • Been using this for years and it does what I need it too - but recently added a new user account for my son - I'm administrator and my son's account is normal. Money is working on my account but it won't work on my son's account. Tried various things like full privileges - read / write etc, but just won't start up. Has anyone any ideas. If MS Money just won't work like this, then will an upgrade do the job ? Currently using Win 8.


    Sunday, March 15, 2015 2:05 PM

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  • I presume that you created a separate file for your son by using File->New File.  Are you saying that you created a new Windows 8 user, or were you doing everything in your own Windows account.

    Try creating a new file in your Documents folder to make sure that the file is writable by you. In particular, do not have your *.mny data file or a backup (*.mbf) file within your Program Files folder.

    If you don't want to start a new file for your son, and it may have been made as another user, I would format a USB flash drive as FAT32. Then copy the file that you cannot access to that drive, and copy from the USB flash drive to your Documents folder. See if you can open that successfully.

    While you are thinking about  it, review your backup policies. Hard drives can fail.

    Sunday, March 15, 2015 3:22 PM
  • thanks for your reply -

    We been using 2 separate user accounts successfully for some time - it was when I tried to add Money to the 2nd account.

    I'm not sure that it is a file problem though, as when I click the Money Icon or click the .exe file, absolutely nothing happens - no flash screen, no nothing, so I'm fairly sure that the programme isn't actually starting, and therefore doesn't get as far as searching for a legit .mny file.

    Sunday, March 15, 2015 3:52 PM
  • Ahh...

    I wonder if you could launch Money from the other account by right-clicking the launch icon and choosing RunAsAdminstrator.

    I have another idea. As his user, copy Sample.mny from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money Plus\Sample.mny to the Documents folder of the son. Open Money by right-clicking that copy of Sample.mny and choosing Open.

    Sunday, March 15, 2015 4:04 PM
  • No I've tried running it as administrator, and your second idea was sound, but no, that didn't work either. This is so frustrating - it could be that the programme just isn't allowed to run on 2 accounts !

    Do you think that there's any advantage in upgrading to MS Money 2002, or even higher - are the .mny files transferable ? and can you still download these versions ?

    Thanks again

    Sunday, March 15, 2015 5:59 PM
  • Maybe try reinstalling Money as the son user? Of course if that makes Money not work as you, then you would want to reinstall as you. I remember when installing that Windows will ask if I want the installation to be for any user or just the installing user. I don't know if that is Windows asking or the program.

    The only version, if you are in the US, that is readily available  for download is Money Plus. See the first 2 sticky posts on this forum, and the patch should be done if you install Plus.  It is pretty different from Money 2001. You might find Money 2002 or 2003 in the used market. A newer version can convert an older version, but the older version cannot make sense of a file that has been worked on by a newer version.

    Sunday, March 15, 2015 6:12 PM
  • Yes I tried that as well - I installed it from my son's account, but exactly the same result. It didn't ask me about installing for any user.

    I'm in the UK so I'll see if I can find 2002 or 2003 on ebay or the like.

    Thanks for all your assistance - take care.

    Monday, March 16, 2015 9:47 AM