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  • Hi there! I have put together a bunch of questions that forum users should consider answering when they ask a question. Trying to answer as many of these questions as you can will guarantee faster and better responses to your posts.

    • What answers/responses are you looking for?
    • What are you trying to accomplish? (try to explain and provide as much detail as you can)
    • Are there any things you don't want to do?
    • What seems to be your best choice so far?
    • Do you want links?
    • What have you done so far to try to solve the problem on your own? (and/or What have you tried?)

    Your question should be more than 4 sentences, and always remember: detail, detail, detail!!

    If I have missed anything: you know how to use that reply button :D

    Nevin Janzen (Visit my Website)
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    Saturday, April 28, 2012 2:13 AM