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  • I have a published project.

    A task named documentation was assigned to the techwriter user.

    I am the timesheet manager.

    When the techwriter updates the timesheet for actual hours for a day and selects the task and chooses send status for the selected task; I (timesheet manager) see nothing in the approval center. Although i receive an email that user has submitted task status.

    If the techwriter goes to tasks view and changes the work field and sets it to 12 hours and sends the status of the task; I (timesheet manager) see the request in approval center.

    Now the number of work hours for the techwriter are different in timesheet and task view.

    The techwriter has 8 hours for 27jul, 10 hours for 28 jul in his timesheet. When he goes to tasks view; the WORK field doesn't show correct hours (it shows 12 hrs); and in the right side area where individual dates are showing up(can not edit them) do not reflect the time as in the timesheet view!

    When timesheet manager opens the project in project web app; the 12 hours work doesn't show up; unless opened in edit mode and publish it. (can live with that)


    Why does the timesheet hours request doesn't show up in approval center (if the user chooses SEND TIMESHET which locks the timesheet as well then it appears in approval center)?

    Timesheet hours (My Work -->timesheet)  do not reflect in the work field of  tasks (My Work --> Tasks); neither under the dates showing up at right pane of the tasks view.


    There's too much confusion :(

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    Wednesday, July 28, 2010 12:34 PM


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  • Hi beginner,

    me too confused with task / timesheet approval workflow, but I try telling you my understanding, using PS 2010.

    "send status" in "my task" or "my timesheet" has the same behaviour: it sends the selected tasks actual figures (actual work, remaining work, actual start and finish, overtime) to the STATUS MANAGER (you can see it in the Project Prof client, showing the related field); the Status Manager is automatically assigned by the system and is the user who created the Task in the Project. This is a strange behaviour to me, because I would like to control who is the task tracking approver for each project, even if the project can be authored by more than one user.

    "submit timesheet" sends the whole timesheet actual figures to the "timesheet manager", who is defined in the Resource Center as a property of each Resource.

    The timesheet is a formal report of the worked time and administrative time spent by a resource: when approved by the Timesheet manager all tasks days belonging to the timesheet are blocked for tracking; only the Timesheet manager can "recall" the timesheet to unblock it.

    We use timesheets to formally approve consultants work; we do not ue timesheets for internal resources.

    Please Beginner consider I can be wrong: I am a beginner too...




    Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:47 AM
  • Watch the Timesheet & Statusing video and slides which might help understand functionality: http://www.microsoft.com/project/en/us/quick-start-training.aspx
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    Thursday, July 29, 2010 4:37 PM