VIsta control panel alterations? RRS feed

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  •          I have a new Vista machine and I have a strange problem with control panel, I look at it a couple of times a day and the last time I looked at it it had removed all the icons and replaced them with the list view (I can't remember wether the blue bar with "view, organize" and "help" appears on control panel as I have never altered the settings since the machine was delivered) but now the blue bar is gone so is help for control panel also gone!

             System restore recovered the icon view for the control panel but I am now concerned that the blue bar with "view , organize and help may be misssing"

             Is there any way I could fix this, it looks like some kind of file corruption or accidental deletion as I was cleaning out "my documents folder" and there were a number of files in my documents that I could not open so I deleted them! I didn't realize that system files may be deposited in "My Documents"

             A friend has told me that sometimes in vista "my documents" can be accidently bunched with recently used files and cause people to delete files that suddenly appear in "my documents"


    Saturday, September 15, 2007 6:51 PM