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    i think.... i my have accidently deleted it, or uninstalled something that is directly linked to it...

    my computer was running out of memory so i decided to uninstall a bunch of games i hadnt played in a long time.

    i also.... i think, uninstalled a program or two, that i had never used, programs that came with windows. i know i read into them and they seemed harmless...

    any suggestions? i reeeaaalllllyyyy need my sound.... i make music for a hobby, and cant do that without sound


    if you have any idea what i can do, id appreciate the help, thanks

    Saturday, December 15, 2007 2:39 AM

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    I've done pretty much the same thing... my uncle gave me his old computer since I can't afford one right now, I found it to be extremely slow and a lot of pop-ups covered the screen on logon. So I was deleting all Internet explorer add-ons and anything that seemed suspicious to me, and it turns out that I removed a sound device driver (I think).
     If the computer you're using still has the original "Operating system disc" and/or "system recovery discs (usually seven of them)" you're better off than I am. If you haven't created any restore points in a while you probably will want to back-up your personal files (pictues, music, vidos etc.)
     Anyway the reason I'm here is that I want to know where I can get any drivers and computer device installation downloads for those using second hand computers... mine didn't come with the system discs.

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 12:04 PM