What is responsible for sending Meeting Requests when created in CRM? RRS feed

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  • So, in CRM you create an Appointment with an Organiser. That will result in a meeting request and spawn an email to be sent to the attendee(s) which can be accepted or rejected.

    CRM and Exchange are in Office365 and Server Side Sync is being used.

    What is it that actually sends the meeting request email?

    (I can's see an outgoing email in CRM - presumably the appointment syncs into the attendees calendar first - is outlook doing it?  is Exchange doing it?) I ask because I would like to intercept these and either stop them or redirect them.

    Maybe a simpler question: is there a flag within the appointment entity which can be used to stop an email being sent or is all the work happening outwith CRM?

    Thursday, January 28, 2016 5:17 PM