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  • CRM 2011 on-premise installation:

    We have a series of forms that we put the required fields in a hidden tab. Until recently they were hidden along with the tab but now Owner, for example, is showing even though it's on the non-visible tab.

    Is there any reason why this would happen?

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:50 PM


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  • I have similar experience with Owner field, even though I set visibility of Owner field on Form it intermittently shows up on Form.

    I think this is some kind of Product Defect.


    makeer | myencounterwithcrm.wordpress.com | CRM2011 User Settings Utility | CRM2011 Lookup Preview
    Thursday, October 13, 2011 7:04 AM
  • Does the entire hidden tab show or does the field show on a different tab?

    Gonzalo | gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.com

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:59 PM
  • The rest of the hidden tab, its label and other fields, stay hidden.

    The wayward field kind of bumps up to the bottom of the next higher tab, above the hidden one. So yes, to appearances it looks like it's showing on another tab.

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    Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:03 PM
  • That's very strange, do you have the owner field in multiple tabs or only in the hidden tab? Any JavaScripts on form load that might be making it visible?

    Gonzalo | gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.com

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:07 PM
  • It's not in any other section or tab on the form, not in the header and it does this with no custom scripts on the form.
    Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:49 PM
  • In that case I think you should probably open a support ticket with Microsoft since it sounds like a bug.

    Gonzalo | gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.com

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 2:57 PM
  • I have the exact same problem with required/locked fields. Even though the field, section and tab are all hidden, the field is still showing up on my form. One thing to note is that it is just the field that is showing up. The label is actually hidden.

    I'm having this issue with the Owner and Name fields on a custom entity.

    Definitely a bug. Any word from Microsoft on this one? Can we hide the field with javascript as a workaround?



    Thursday, November 1, 2012 6:05 PM
  • Hi Guys,

    Do you have any solution for this problem..? I am also facing the same problem now.

    Also it looks like no matter what CRM form wants to show at least one field on the form.
    Thursday, November 22, 2012 12:21 PM
  • Hi Guys,

    When you take out the assignment rights from the user's security role for that particular entity, CRM dynamics will hide the owner field from the form (when you want to hide it). Somehow this makes sense. 

    Thursday, November 22, 2012 2:05 PM