On Windows XP, I try to reformat my USB Flash Drive but it says you have insuffient rights! RRS feed

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  • So What happened was I plugged in my USB Flash Drive to a Igloo box (it's an alternative to sky). It deletes everything on the flash drive which I was fully aware of. I'm doing this cause It enables space for live pause. So Live pause was dumb...so I take it out. I plug it into my PS3 to put some movies on it, which I was then going to watch on Igloo, but it didn't show up! I plugged it into my PC, but it says you have to reformat. I click OK, and it says insufficient rights. I really want my flash drive to work, I have searched every corner of the internet to no avail. I would really appreciate some help guys. Thanks (:

    NOTE: I Guess it's my fault but please help. There wasn't any warning this was going to happen!

    Thursday, December 12, 2013 10:16 PM

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