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  • So I just looked through the Windows Marketplace and color me horribly disappointed.  What an embarassment of selection, price, and quality.  You'd think with only about 80 apps listed they'd at least take the time to make them all quality and useful . . . and then I find the fart generator app.  Really Windows Phone?  This is what you answer to the Apple App Store is?  78 mediocre $30 apps and a Fart Generator?

    Why did I ever think it would get better.

    You guys need to start actually taking this seriously.  Windows mobile is already a joke to most, is losing what remaining market share it had to Droid now and the much heralded marketplace is pathetic.  Please tell me you are actually going to put some time and effort into this soon.
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 9:16 PM

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  • Just as in the Android application store it's actually up to the individual developers to decide on the price and other attributes of the applications that you see.  Microsoft isn't playing a role in the pricing in the majority of what you see. 

    BTW: Don't confuse Droid for Android.  Android is the name of Google's mobile operating system.  Droid is the name that Verizon Wireless licensed to brand their Android Eclair (2.0) devices.

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