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  • I am rebuilding a friends pc. He has decided to go for a generic build pc to replace his old Dell that had Windows 2000 on initially but was upgraded to XP.

    Last year he purchased Windows XP and the License key has been attached to that case.

    I have now built him a new pc. He couldn't locate the XP cd he had bought so I used a different cd of the same version.


    The problem.

    I have installed XP up to its first full boot to the OS. I am prompted with a message saying Windows has to be activated before it can be logged in!! I have never seen this happen before.

    As the OS hasn't actually loaded there is no internet connectivity available so I have to choose the Telephone option.


    On choosing this option I am NOT given an Installation ID. I have been on to the activation support people who were useless, no offense to them, but I have been going round in a circle, they say I need to speak to support, they put my call through to which I am presented with an automated voice system. I have tried many different options but keep ending up at the automated activation system, I just want someone to tell me why this is happening. It was legitimately bought, Im not trying to do anything untoward just re-install his copy of Windows XP on a another pc. I have done the same with my home pc when I upgraded the hardware: motherboard, memory, HDD, DVD-ROM, Graphics card even the chassis ! I've never had a problem.


    Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I really dont want to have to pay £46 for some thing I really dont think you should have to pay for.


    If anyone can help please reply.

    Anyone without any constructive comments please don't post anything.


    Thanks in advance.



    Friday, May 30, 2008 5:18 PM




                You are permitted to reinstall and activate Windows XP as many times as you want to, as long as your use of Windows XP maintains compliance with the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).  After a certain number of activations within a certain time period, automatic online activation will be suspended (This will also happen the first time you re-install and activate some OEM versions of Windows XP), which will require that you do a Telephone Activation. To do so, rerun the Activate Windows Wizard and select "Activate my product using the telephone".  Follow the phone prompts.



    If the automated telephone activation is not accepted, you will be offered the option to speak with a live activation representative.  Choose that option.  The rep will ask a few questions for the purpose of confirming that you are still using your license for XP in accordance with the EULA.  If this is confirmed, the rep will issue an activation code for you to enter into the Activation Wizard.


    In order to read your EULA, click Start>Run, type winver and click OK, then click on the link for the license terms or EULA. 


    Retail licenses may be moved from one computer to another, as long as the license is activated on one computer at a time and as long as the previous installation of the license is removed from the previously licensed computer.

    OEM licenses for XP are tied to the first computer onto which they are installed and the license is not permitted to be moved on any other computer.  For the purposes of defining what a computer is, since a computer is really just a collection of parts, Microsoft has established that the motherboard is the base or "defining" component, and the OEM license is permanently tied to the motherboard.


    I hope this has helped,


    Lori MS





    Friday, May 30, 2008 6:27 PM