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  • The Microsoft C++ compiler currently generates a header like this one when importing from an external .tlb or .dll.

    // Created by Microsoft (R) C/C++ Compiler Version 14.13.26129.0 (6ddc810e).
    // c:\workspace\development\bridgenet\application\bridgenet.compiler\release\probeenvsrvr.tlh
    // C++ source equivalent of Win32 type library probeenvsrvr.tlb
    // compiler-generated file created 03/26/18 at 14:04:41 - DO NOT EDIT!

    There's not much purpose to having a file include a path to itself in the header.  If i ever open this file to view its content, then I already know where the file is located.  (And if I don't, the Visual Studio IDE will tell me anyway.)

    What WOULD be much more useful is to have in this header the path to the .tlb or .dll that was used to generate this .tlh or .tli file that I am currently viewing.  When someone ends up with conflicting DLLs that are spread across different folders, this would let you know at a glance if the compiler used the file that you really intended to use.  I have just wasted a whole day because the compiler was content choosing a DLL from an obscure system path in place of the actual include folders that were defined in my project...

    Consider this as a suggestion, please.

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