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  • I have an acquaintance that has a Gateway M-73 laptop where the hard drive started to go bad(could not boot, a lot bad sectors, making clicking sound). We replaced the hard drive. I was able to recover the registry and recover the windows product key from the registry.

    When I look up the serial number on the acer self service website, it shows “M-7349U VHP32WTUS1 UMAC4PHG40 2G+1G\/250” as the product. If I am reading that correctly that would mean the OS was Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

    This individual does not have recovery media. He did state that he did the upgrade to Windows 10, but did not know what version of Windows he was running at the time of upgrade. The product key sticker is worn down and I cannot fully read it, but I can read enough to see that it does not match the product key in the registry. I do have a Vista 32 bit home basic disc, which I installed, but the product key I retrieved from the registry will not activate.  I also tried Win 7 with out being able to activate. I am currently am attempting Win10.

    What are my options for installing a legit copy of Windows on this machine?

    Wednesday, July 12, 2017 3:51 PM