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  • hello.  i have fried a couple hard drives in the last couple days, and am trying to RE-re-reinstall my xp media center 2005.  i have my legit product key on my computer case, but i dont have a disc.  suprise suprise.  so on the last hard drive i used, i just used a xp pro disc with my media center key, and it installed and was verified over the phone fine.  so i tried to do my upgrade to vista home premium, only to find you cannot upgrade to that from xp pro.  that sucks, but fine.  then that hard drive fried after my dog knocked my comp over, so i got a new one, and figured id try the install with a xp home disc and now my original product key says invalid.  how come this worked with a pro disc and not a home disc?  is it because its only been about a week since i activated it?  thanks in advance.
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:35 PM