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  • As Developers at Microsoft I am sure there isn't much thought put into the marketing; that would be left to other people who you hope know what their doing, right? Well as someone who has used Office for I don't know long just know I have a 5 1/4 floppy copy of MS Access 1.1 with it's origanal box and manuals too; though all looking rather ratty now. So I have used office products before really they were call that I believe. Enough beating around in the grass history of my past be it that I may say that who ever is run the marketing of MS Office is a fool or is trying to get everyone to move over to "Open Office".

    I have never been to so frustrated in just getting a copy of word to put on my new laptop. I was lucky to find an offer on the laptop for a cheaper SOHO version than what I could find in the store so I saved some money there but neither had Assess on them. Oh no for me to get a copy Access with Office I have spend over $500 with taxes to do that. But I don't want or need Pulisher, Outlook or Power and the two dozen other little applets MS throws in to plug up my hard drive space and RAM for when you rebot.

    Also that crap takes another four to ten hours to get out of my registery so that my system runs nicely again and doesn't pop open damn window 10 months from the day I loaded it asking me if I want to take a questionary right on of blue; when I am working on something important. The thing that really chaps my ass is I have been nice enough to do those questionaries that they say will take only 5 to 10 minutes to do. The thing is the bastards always lie and those things never take 5 to 10 minutes, they are never shorter that 20 minutes and usually take 30 to do.

    So I have to ask why the hell should I spend 4 hours - yes 4 hours to download an Internet copy from those Jerkoffs at Digital river of a half baked version Office. When I use to buy it in a box with the actual hard copy manuals and a DVD or two to with half the trashy little applet on the disks and I got an UPGRADE version of "Microsoft Professional" with all the programs I needed for about $350 and it didn't take me four hours of try to download of just get half of what I want. Oh bye the way I do have fairly fast cable access of about 100 Mbs so it wasn't my cable being slow. No I download from other sites very fast.

    I have never been so frustrated with Microsoft or there serves oh other than owning a copy of Vista but everyone makes a mistakesome times. I am very surprised that they are doing it again with Vista. I am sure that they have lost people this year to Open Office because they didn't provide an Upgrade path to those who have used their product for the past 25 to 30 years. I don't mind paying a little more because I have not upgraded since 2003 and did do so in 2007 but paying over $500 for something I don't even need that's completely wrong.

    I still don't have Access and Open office doesn't have a Relational Data but there are some pretty good open source SQL Data bases and I can program is couple scripting lanuages to do my interfaces so I may just do that and say good bye to an old friend simply because some marketing manager has his head up place it should never be and I can no  longer purchase Access all by it self in a stand alone box or download. What a shame. What next will we have to purchase Apple OS so we can load Windows 8.

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