How can I use MS SyncToy 2.1 with a http:// "Network Place" ? RRS feed

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  • I'm a longtime user of MS SyncToy, but recently came across a new user requirement.  SyncToy 2.1 works great with mapped drive letters or UNC names (ie "\\machinename\sharename").   Windows XP/Vista/7 has a "Add a Network Place" wizard, where the network place can be defined as http, such as "".  In this instance, the receiving device is an iPad2.

    Client has 16GB of his clients and their files -- thousands of them.   While in Windows I can open this http folder and drag/copy all his data to it, it's a long (wireless) process.  I was hoping to use something linke SyncToy so that once the initial transfer was done, SyncToy could manage additions and changes via its "Contribute" mode (I don't care about syncing changes back, or managing deletions).

    As previously mentioned, the receiving device is an iPad2 with the GoodReader application. While SyncToy can see this Network Place, it won't allow a folder pair to be defined here.  
    a) Is there a way to assign a http: "network place" a drive letter so SyncToy can see it?
    b) Is there another iPad application which allows the device to have a SMB drive letter?
    c) Is there another synchronization application linke SyncToy which will work with a http "network place" ?

    Thursday, September 1, 2011 3:52 PM

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