Restore of Win7 64-bit from WHS Restore CD hangs every time RRS feed

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  • I've scoured the forums but didn't see my question.  Apologies if it has been asked before...


    I'm running WHS PP3 on a home built server machine.  It has been running fine for months and my backups of my household machines, all running Windows 7 64-bit now, have been going great for weeks.   Recently I needed to send my laptop back in to the manufacturer to get a number of issues repaired, and I knew that the drive would likely be wiped by their techs so I did a full backup right before sending it in.  

    Receiving it back from repair two days ago, I was unsurprised to see the drive had indeed been wiped so I booted off my Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD which I had burnt a copy of to have on hand for when this day came.  It got fairly far in the process, and didn't even get hung up on the driver installation (where it seems that many run into problems).  It proceeded to detect my WHS, request it's password, and give me the opportunity to point the main system volume as well as the 100MB hidden volume that had been backed up to analogous partitions on the new hard drive.  I went in to disk manager, and wiped any partitions left there by the laptop techs, and proceeded to recreate the two partitions needed to map the backups to restore into.

    Then I encounter my problem...

    I hit next and I get a window saying "Restoring Volumes", it estimates a short timespan along the lines of 20 minutes or so, and the progress bar starts creeping along a bit.  If at this point I have the WHS Console window open, and I'm looking at the Computers and Backup tab, the entry for the relevant system that I'm restoring switches from being idle to showing a percent bar and saying "Restoring"... but this goes from 0% to 100% on the WHS Console in a matter of only 20 to 30 seconds, all the while with the Restoring Volumes window on the laptop itself making little or no progress.  The percent bar on the WHS Console reaches 100% complete, and then reverts back to being idle and saying no backups in the last 29 days (the amount of time since I first sent in the laptop), and doing nothing.   

    Meanwhile, the "Restoring Volumes" window on the laptop makes no further progress.  The completion bar may creep along just a little bit before it halts altogether, but never exceeds about the 10% mark.  The estimated time remaining sometimes seems to expand a bit, going from the initial 15 to 20 minutes all the way to as much as 1 hour and 30 minutes, but the percentage complete never proceeds.  Even if I leave it overnight, it makes no more progress and is still sitting at around 10% completed the following morning.   A couple of times when I've tried this, it has actually reported that it failed out of the process with network error communicating to the server, but that only happened a couple of times... mostly it just hangs.   

    I'd suspect an issue with the network, but how could it have contacted the WHS, retrieved the backup info and started the process in the first place if there were a network issue.  

    I'd consider a driver issue, as I've read that's a significant trouble spot, but it seems to detect my hardware just fine.  Also, I read online many suggestions to copy the drivers off the system backup onto a USB key and to then put the drivers in for the system to retrieve during the hardware detection phase of the restore wizard, however I've also read that this won't work in my case because I was running Win 7 64-bit and that the Restore CD runs a 32-bit environment for the restore process, so the drivers copied to my USB won't be compatible.  That said, the driver detection process doesn't even seem to fail in my case.  It detects the local storage on the laptop, and it detects the integrated ethernet.  It starts the process exactly as I'd expect it to, it simply doesn't proceed very far before locking up all together.  

    I know that I could simply reinstall the OS from scratch, and as I can get at the files within the backup successfully from the WHS Console, I could rebuild the laptop and restore it's data... but that would mean reinstalling my apps and reconfiguring my laptop to my liking and that would take days of work.  It's completely against the point of why I invested in WHS to help me centralize and automate my system backups in the first place.

    Someone please help me to get my restore to complete successfully...



    Thursday, May 6, 2010 7:06 AM

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