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  • Since I had no idea that the WD EARS drives were a problem I have built a system with three of these drives.  I have read conflicting information on my situation and would like some clarity.  1) It was posted that these drives should not be used for the system drive even with a jumper installed, why if true?; 2) simply installing the jumper and reinstalling the disk into the pool is insufficient, what else needs to be done to prep the disk?; 3) people have tried a software drivealign(?) with varied success, how about cloning?

    Depending on what I learn here, and the fact that I have little data loaded so far, I was going to remove 2 of the three drives and put the jumper on them.  Then take the system drive and clone it using the WD disk utility to create a system drive with 512k record lengths.  (Target drive is one of the two removed and jumpered.)  Then, reinstall the cloned disk to the system and add the now jumpered drives back into the pool.  This should allow the system build to be reused and eliminate the 4k record lengths.  Anyone ever try this?

    Thanks in advance!

    Thursday, March 3, 2011 2:56 AM