Repair, Health, then the I/O problem RRS feed

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  • Back in February (2011), I had the following Home Server warning:

    "Volume with name DE secondary volume is failing. Please try to run Repair for (the name of the disk)."

    I ran repair on the disk and no problems reported since. I can open backups and look at files in them; can pull them off.

    Yesterday, I attempted a bare metal install to a machine with a dead hard drive. When I get to the actual restore, I get loads of i/o cluster errors on the server.  I have done the long format on the new drive checking for bad sectors. I have tried a number of backups for the machine in question.  Same problem on all of them.  I have even tried to restore another PC to the new drive.  No dice.  Four questions and a comment:

    1. Assuming that there is a problem on the server drives, how do I fix it?
    2. How do I go on using WHS as it should be used (set it and forget it until it says otherwise) without worrying that it will not work when I need it?
    3. Does Microsoft acknowledge that there is a problem?
    4. Does the new version of Home Server (2011) solve these problems?

    Comment: This is my first bare metal reinstall.  Looks like it is a good thing that I kept up my Acronis license. I am beyond disappointed.

    Friday, June 24, 2011 3:03 PM