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    Just got my installation of LCDS and after some experimentation got to the point to create a simulation ( Try/Simulation in authoring tool).

    And found simulation  can only be flash swf - not Silverlight. Why is this limitation and can it be somehow dropped ( so I can run xap/Silverlight (or maybe even java/native client ) simulations)?

    edit: The same applies to animations and demonstrations. why they could not be xap files, just only swf?


    Another, related point, though might deserve additional thread.

    While  LCDS client player looks very much like it can entirely be done with Silverlight ( see example http://www.silverlight.net/content/samples/sl4/toolkitcontrolsamples/run/default.html ) - it is somehow  not browser independent and uses at least xml activeX  components ( and xml  can be parsed with silverlight and passed to javascript see example http://www.codeproject.com/KB/silverlight/SilverlightJS_Integration.aspx  ). If not silverlight at least http://jparse.kylerush.net/ jQuery allows to parse XML quite cross browser way.

    Are there plans to upgrade the client viewer ( that one which is located in shared\eng in course folder) to be Silverlight ( or maybe Silverlight/HTML5 ) compatible?

    It looks like it would be both easier for developers and end users

    P.S. a related question - let's assume, that I replaced calls to flash swf to silverlight xap in javascript for viewer - can I use modified viewer and if not  what is a way to apply a patch for official code?

    Saturday, August 20, 2011 8:15 PM