Managing shared mailboxes within Dynamics CRM 2015 RRS feed

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  • We are implementing the Service/Case Management module of Dynamics CRM 2015.

    A key requirement for a number of our stakeholders is the ability to create and manage cases from emails that have been sent to a ‘team outlook mailbox’ e.g. supportteam@foobar.com in addition to being able to manage a personal outlook account.
    Initially we had intended on using the MS Dynamics 2015 Outlook client for all email accounts that a user had access to.

    However, we have run into problems with this approach for shared mailboxes as the client will only work on a primary account and specifically doesn’t seem to work on shared mailboxes.

    To overcome this, our approach has been to create mailboxes for these team accounts within Dynamics and implement server side synchronization to push emails to these mailboxes.
    Email messages are then sent from Exchange to both Outlook and to Dynamics mailboxes.
    We have demonstrated this solution to our key users and there are some concerns with the usability and efficiency of this approach:

    -          Users are not clear which emails have been created as cases in Outlook as there is no indication here.
    -          The loss of outlook functionality by having to manage correspondence within Dynamics rather than outlook.
    -          Emails will potentially have to be managed in two places, Outlook and Dynamics.
    -          All emails are created in Dynamics and Outlook therefore increasing data load on servers.
    -          The unclear and non-configurable synchronisation time between Dynamics and Outlook leading to unknown lag times for emails to appear in Dynamics.

    Given these issues, and that generic/team email accounts are so prevalent in the customer service industry, we are considering whether the approach we have taken is the best one.

    Does any one have any thoughts on this, or could point us to any best practice documentation for dealing with this scenario?



    Tuesday, January 12, 2016 9:40 AM