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    While compiling my VS2017 Web Forms project via PowerShell 5, I get the following error which is preventing the project from being compiled:

    /-u/DimaWeb/Account/RegisterExternalLogin.aspx(1): error ASPPARSE: The file '/-u/Site.master' does not exist.
    PS C:\>

    The Power Shell code I am using to compile my project is:

    PS C:\> $aspnetCompiler = (Join-Path $env:windir 'Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_compiler')
    >> & $aspnetCompiler -p "C:\Users\Steve\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\DimaWeb" -v /-u "C:\DimaWebCompiled_test"

    DimaWeb is the name of my VS2017 Web Forms project and my various files and folders relating to the project are housed in that folder which is in a folder in Documents. I would like to compile that DimaWeb folder and save the compiled files inside DimaWebCompiled_test on my C drive before uploading those files to my Web hosting service.

    I do not understand the error or how to correct it. I have a aspx file called RegisterExternalLogin.aspx in my VS2017 project, but not RegisterExternalLogin.aspx(1). It is in my Account folder:

    I also have a file called Site.master which, as far as I know, I do not use:

    I am not sure what it means 'parser' error, but how do I correct it, please?


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