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  • Hi All

    I've been looking at the SDK examples that show how to get and create records within CRM via JavaScript. But after looking at the two key versions JavaScript REST Endpoints V's JQuery, I've come to the conclussion that I'm confused as ever over which version is best and why.

    I've already implement the JavaScript SDK.REST Endpoint that uses JSON2 library to get data out of CRM from a ribbon button script, and this works ok. I've even got adventurous and added an extra parameter to allow some of the calls to be Synchronus.

    But I keep comming back to the JQUERY samples that use jquery1.4.1.min library and I'm really not sure what this does that the other methods doesn't.

    I need to create a retrieve multiple request on an entity for which I do not have an Id key value to help with the retrieval. Would this be best done via javascript SDK.REST Endpoint or should I be using jquery and why.

    Can anybody help with a clear definition for these to protocols?

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    Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:39 PM


  • jQuery is merely a Javascript library that eases the pain of implementing various tasks.  Its use is not necessarily better, oor worse, than writing the equivalent Javascript yourself.

    REST is a communication protocol via which we send data in JSON format (a method of packaging objects in a textual format).  From Javascript, we send requests to the CRM 2011 REST endpoint via Ajax requests; jQuery provides an Ajax API that allows you to write cleaner Ajax code.

    --pogo (pat) @ pogo69.wordpress.com

    Friday, January 18, 2013 3:10 AM