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  • hello,

    I have sbs2008 certificate few months ago,so I decided to learn exchange server.I bought the exam book cofiguring microsoft exchange server 2010 and I learned it.but I didn't make the exam of it because my purpose was to know about exchange server 2007  in sbs 2008.

    my real dream is to become sbs 2008 or later (2011)specialist to build small networks for small companies with 20 computers and maybe little more.

    my question is do I also need to know about share point and IIS manager to become real small business server specialist because this program's already exist in sbs2008,or that is not needed at all.

    I already bought a book about sharepoint server 2010 administrator's companion to know something about share point program.and I am intend to buy a book about IIS manager. do you really thing I need to know about share point and IIS manager to become real sbs 2008 or 20011 specialist.

    I see also that in premium edition of sbs 2008 you have also sql server 2008 program in the pocket,do you also thing that I have to know also about sql server 2008 to become real sbs 2008 specialist or that is only an option.and if  it is beter to know about sql server 2008 is that enough to learn implementation and maintenance of sql server 2008  exam 70-432 or do I need to know also the module database developer exam 70-433 and business inteligence solution module witch I dont't know the exam number  at this moment from my head.

    I am little confuse because later I want to work for myself and  build small networks.that's wy I don't know excactly what to learn more because all this program's exist in sbs 2008.

    if somebody can give me good advice I wil be very happy.



    Wednesday, June 1, 2011 5:37 PM