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  • Hi,  I cannot find any threads concerning pro's/con's between Microsoft E-Learning vs Classroom Training.

    My company has got full access to the Microsoft E-Learning catalogue and I'm looking to complete the Exchange 2007 related courses on E-Learning coupled with my experience I'm hoping to pass the various Exchange 2007 exams, so my question is,

    Is E-learning enough to pass exams by Microsoft?

    I understand that there is always value in instructer led training but this unfortunately is not an option for me currently.

    Monday, August 16, 2010 12:53 PM


  • In most cases you can pass the exams by just studying the product manual. However, if you find that the product manuals are too dense for your taste, then the e-learning courses can be considered as a kind of "special" manual, more geared towards learning in general than towards documenting the detailed features of the product. My experience with elearning courses (although I have only taken a small number of them) is that they are too superficial, and they only teach the basics. The exams often require more detailed knowledge, so you still need to spend some time reading the manuals after you finish the e-learning courses (which are excellent for getting you started on a new product).

    The Microsoft Official instructor-led courses are not directed, in general, towards passing a specific exam, but rather towards learning how to effectively use a specific product or technology. Therefore, the course syllabi do not exactly match the exam objectives. The courses are useful for learning the product, but should not be considered as your only source of information when preparing yourself for an exam.

    Monday, August 16, 2010 3:39 PM