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  • Hi,

    I needed to restore a desktop from a backup I had on my WHS - problem was it got to about 6% each time and then failed due to "an unspecified network error"...

    Decided to try and open the backup on another desktop and would get to 81% before stalling and reporting "backup service not working" It now seems that none of the backups from a number of machines will get past this point.

    It seems this is not an uncommon problem and I've tried a number of suggested fixes such as re-installing the connector software and using the repair backup database function in the console. I've also tried making a new backup of a different machine and opening that - gets to the 81% point and stops again.

    Any suggestions? Googling this reveals it's perhaps not uncommon, but there seems to be no consensus on how to fix it!

    Many thanks

    Dave Brooks

    Using WHS PP3

    Windows Home Server Console: 6.0.2423.0
    Windows Home Server Backup & Restore: 6.0.2423.0
    Windows Home Server Drive Extender: 6.0.2423.0
    Windows Home Server Remote Access: 6.0.2423.0
    Windows Home Server Storage Manager: 6.0.2423.0

    Monday, May 17, 2010 8:49 PM

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  • That's a real nasty problem with no real option to fix if database repair doesn't fix it.

    If you really need data from one of the backups please have a look at the (proposed) answer in this thread. It may also work for you.

    If that doesn't help you may try and remove all clients for which can not open backups from the WHS console, Computers and Backup Tab, reboot server, then on each of the removed clients run discovery.exe from C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server (Please note that all backups for the removed clients will be lost).

    If that also doesn't help your only option is to delete the complete backup database; logon to your server desktop, open explorer window, delete ALL files in D:\folders\{0000*. Reconfigure backup on each client by running discovery.exe from C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server or reinstall connector software on each of the clients from http://yourservername:55000

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 7:46 AM
  • Hi brubber,

    thanks for the suggestions - but I'm afraid neither worked and have come to the conclusion based upon your thoughts and that on previous threads that deleting the entire backup database is the way to go. Hopefully this will reolve the problem. Will report when I get round to it.

    Fortunately it was the system drive on the desktop that I wanted to restore but couldn't - so just a matter of reinstalling everything - data safe on d: drive - always good practice to keep data and system on spearate physical drives I've found!


    Dave Brooks

    Friday, May 21, 2010 6:26 PM