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  • "Installation done. What do I have to do ? "

    Every time I install a Microsoft operating system, I have a thought to my parents who are perfect novice and always want the latest technology.

    I always imagine what they are going to do and what will happen... First of all, they will call me and explain that they decided to buy WHS as this is something new and cool (and I think I wont be the only one facing this situation). Then they will ask for my help as they don't know what to do...

    If WHS is for "novice users", it has to come with instructions for "novice users", with an icone on the desktop launching the "novice user interface" (as most of the novice users are going to close the first page anyway without reading it). This "novice user" interface should have a list of action to be executed.

    - Protect your computer with an AVirus. (The AV link should suggest the installation of one of the AV in a list...)

    - Protect your computer with a Firewall. (This option should display the same interface as the one in onecare or another firewall interface from another partner but with an easy list of things to allow : video sharing, printer sharing ....)

    - other actions like user setup, backup setup ...

    I know that we have access to all of this, but a simple interface to give the steps would be great for any novice user. WHS today is way too hard to be configured by someone who likes technology but doesn't understand how it is working... and doesn't want to read 60 pages of documentation.






    Tuesday, February 20, 2007 11:52 PM