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    So I hopped on my server one day and saw that we had more users than licenses, and it wanted us to purchase more CALs.  So I follow through the menus, see on "Server Browser" that we have reached 21 users, but only have 20 licenses.  So I click a couple of things and all of the sudden I have bought 5 more licenses.

    Now my question is...  How do I pay for those?  There was nothing about billing, no invoice has shown up in my mailbox, no Microsoft people have shown up at my door wanting money.  So did I really buy new licenses, or was this some mirage?


    And why is it ridiculously impossible to find any answers?  I can't call or even email anyone at Microsoft without purchasing a support agreement for hundreds of dollars, and I'm sure as heck not going to pay $400 so that I can ask them how to pay them another $199.



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