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  • Hello all:

       I'm a volunteer loving help others in the English, Chinese forums. So I've choosen several forums below:


    I'm now in the China forum, so I have to choose "All the languages" so that I can choose different languages as a list on my left.

    However, when I choose a forum not belonging to my language (image above), And the link is still "zh-CN":

    But China forum doesn't have such thing, so I'm pointed at a wrong way.

    Tem solution is change from "zh-CN" to "en-US". Don't you think it too complicated?! haha……

    Strongly suggestions:

    1) No need to choose "All the languages", just let users choose forum names by their words in the search box, and then can add dynamically.

    2) When choosing a sepcific forum name (even not my native language forum), the address should be directly set to that language and guide us to that forum——it would be better that the native language is ours, but we can still go into that forum and do answering.

    What do you think of this? I think this is a bug. Not very well.


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    Monday, September 29, 2014 2:39 AM


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