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  • I am not using Live Mesh for any sharing purposes [for now]; I want to use it as a synchronization tool, kind of like carrying an external hard drive (or a 5GB USB) with you from home to work and public computers and back. One difference being that using Live Mesh to do that, I synchronize only when I see I am missing some needed file; but using physical storage I have to take pain to synchronize at the end of every session.

    From the introductory page to Live Mesh I got the feeling that is what this software is intending to do. However, as of yet Live mesh is not a functional synchronizing tool.

    If I use the 5 GB online storage to keep my files up to date: copy and pasting folders and whole directories is not yet supported.

    If I use the remote desktop connection feature: I will need someone to turn the remote PC on, sign in, and accept the connection everytime.

    To be useful for synchnronizing files and directories one or both of these features need a small improvement before the final product is out.

    So; even though near certainly those are going to be fixed in the future, but I just wanted to confirm that is the aim, because I want to start using this Live Mesh for that purpose.

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  • What you are describing, if I understand it correctly, is exactly what Live Mesh can do.

    On your PC, you install the Live Mesh client software and you add folders to the Mesh. The contents of those folders will then be available to sync to the Live Desktop and other PCs in your Mesh. That is, other PCs that also have Mesh installed and running. Live Mesh keeps all devices/locations in Sync.

    it sounds more to me like you created a Mesh account and are manually moving files to the Live Desktop. For that, you don't need Live Mesh. You would be fine with Windows Live Skydrive which offers 25 gigs of online storage. Yes, it requires you to manually upload/download.

    Alternatively, you can move to the beta of Live Sync, part of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4, which combines Live Sync and Live Mesh. Live Mesh with the 5 gigs of online storage is going away. See: 

    As for remote desktop, it is only useful if your remote PC is left powered on. If that's not your habit, then you are correct that it isn't useful to you. However, file sync is available to you today with Live Mesh and the Live Sync beta. The released version of Live Sync does not have an online storage component and only syncs between computers. Both Live Mesh and Live Sync require you to install software to configure the sync properties.

    Selecting folders/files to sync with the Live Desktop allows you to login and access the cloud storage from anywhere, including public computers. Once you edit a file, you would upload the edited version back to the Live Desktop. When your PC next connects, it will automatically download the latest version of that changed file.



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  • Later I saw the "Add folder to Live Mesh" option and today I tested it. That does what I want and is user friendly, too; It synches in the background without bothering you, and still warns when I try to aceess an updated file before it is synched. Perfect. Saw the same options in Live synch, too. Thanks.
    Tuesday, July 13, 2010 3:49 AM