Live Mesh changes the "date created" on my files RRS feed

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    I am using Live Mesh to sync both online to skydrive, but also a lot of P2P also to put my photos and home videos onto the PC's in my home. When I syncronise to one PC the" date created" of the .mov file is changed to the date it was sycronised. to my other computer it does not. 

    Please can anybody explain how this works and what I can do to stop this happening. It means that the viewing programs such as media player and media centre have all the movies in the wrong date folders as they need to use the date created to put them into the right folders in the search index. Also some file seem to be ok and others not, but even when I look at the file details it looks wrong.

    - However, most files are having the date created changed and I can see the date in the details, in the file properties.

    I have tried changing windows security permissions and home group settings. I think I have them now wide open and it has not made a difference. On one PC it is ok and the other it isn't and I cannot see a difference at all.



    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 8:59 AM