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  • This is not as perverse as it seems.
    We have a server with lots of files. It is backed up. I regard files there as the mother versions.
    For years, I copied my homework in to a windows briefcase and manually asked it to sync.
    This work OK.
    I tried "synctoy".  This also works fine, but it is a bit of a bore to set up the rules when one
    only wants to worry about a handful of files in the evening or weekend.
    I tried mesh. It works fine, but has a different idea of the mother file. There is no such file.
    It is also not so convenient when I want to say, just worry about these few files for this weekend.

    Now, this seems to work..
    Have a directory set up to sync using live mesh.
    In this directory, make a briefcase and drag over the few files one wants for the
    evening or weekend.
    In the office, manually sync the briefcase whenever it seems worthwhile.

    This seems a complicated route to get what I want. I can access the lectures or paper I am working on
    from my laptop or machines at home. I don't carry the briefcase around on a USB stick any more.
    I have the idea of a mother copy which is backed up and shared to other people who use the server.
    It does, however, seem to be perverting the various tools from windows and I have an irrational fear
    that one day the two file synchronising mechanisms will fight with each other.
    Monday, January 25, 2010 11:22 AM


  • You're right. Multiple "sync" programs can and will cause issues if they point to the same folder or folders.

    For what you are doing, I'm not sure that Live Mesh is a sensible solution.

    I assume that the server with "lots of files" means that you do not have acess to this server from anywhere and that you don't actually need access to all of the files stored there, just some of them.

    I think that instead of the Briefcase, you can use Live Mesh, though.

    Live Desktop is your location to get the latest version of any of the Meshed files from any PC with Internet access.
    You can create a folder or folders on the Live Desktop for sharing files to your Mesh (and to other users, if desired).
    You would need to copy files from the server to either the Live Desktop using the web interface or to a local copy of the folder(s) that you wish to sync files with.
    If you don't ever want those files on the Live Desktop to be changed by someone else, you would need to change the Sync settings for that shared folder to only allow invited users to have Read access.
    Your Live Mesh devices would sync back to the Live Desktop and amongst themselves if you make changes.
    It would then be up to you to manually copy files to your "central server" when you once again have access to it.


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    Monday, January 25, 2010 2:23 PM