how to deactivate the record RRS feed

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  • I have tried several things but using crmservices im getting stuck. In the code below im updating a record, but I also want to set its status to deactivated

                            For Each FMList As new_facilitymanagementprocessinglist In LookupResultSet.BusinessEntities
                                Dim updaterecord As New new_facilitiesmanagement_processing()
                                updaterecord.new_facilitiesmanagement_processingid = New Key()
                                updaterecord.new_facilitiesmanagement_processingid.Value = New Guid(RecordId.Value.ToString)
                                Using sw = New StreamWriter(ImputErrorPath & "importweeklyProcessing.txt", True)
                                    sw.WriteLine("2  RECORD FOUND " & FMList.new_facilitymanagementprocessinglistid.Value.ToString)
                                End Using
                                Dim NewLookup As New Lookup()
                                NewLookup.Value = New Guid(FMList.new_facilitymanagementprocessinglistid.Value.ToString)
                                NewLookup.type = EntityName.new_facilitymanagementprocessinglist.ToString
                                updaterecord.new_statementid = NewLookup
                        End If

    Dont ask me .. i dont know

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:18 PM


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