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  • Having an issue getting Office Accounting 2009 to use SQL Server 2008 on Vista 64 Ultimate.

    The installed instance of SQL Server 2008 doesn't show up in the install of the Office Accounting 2009.  Using the MSOA included data tools to set the instanct name (after installing MSOA client only) results in the following error "The database that you requested could not be opened, or access is denied"

    Setting the instance name to something random produces an expected error, "The server was not found or was not accessible".

    I've ensured named pipes are enabled and that TCP/IP configuration includes port 5356 under IPAll in SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    Thanks for your assistance!
    Thursday, March 5, 2009 5:38 AM

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  • I had the same problem and with a bit of poking around with SQL Profiler I have figured out it is a bug in Accounting 2009 that blocking it working with SQL 2008.

    Accounting 2009 executes the following SQL statement when it access the database.

    cast(substring(@@version, patindex('%.%.%.%',@@version)-2,charindex('.',ltrim(substring(@@version, patindex('%.%.%.%',@@version)-2,8)))) as int)

    This statement works for SQL2005 but causes exception with SQL2008 simply because the major version number has jumped to a two-digit number,  from 9 to 10.

    I don't think there is any you can do about this until MS fix it.  You'll have to continue using SQL Express 2005 (which MSOA will install anyhow) or SQL 2005

    MS Guys - if your reading this, take a peek into SBAAPI.dll and change the above SQL statement to this:

    cast(substring(@@version, patindex('%.%.%.%',@@version)-2,charindex('.',substring(@@version, patindex('%.%.%.%',@@version)-1,8))) as int)


    Sunday, April 5, 2009 3:47 PM
  • Mr. King,

    Thank you for the reply.  I've not solved this on Vista ultimate 64 but did an install on Home Premium 32, SQL Server 2008, MSOA 2009, and BCM 2007.  Works fine.

    I wonder what changes?

    Nice find and thanks again for the reply.
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 6:20 AM