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  • Is it truth that I can adjust parameters in the XNA windows file to get control on the voice speed in the feature "Text-to-Speech" of the Bing Translator ??.  I got the following from the blog  <http://bcastilloblog.blogspot.com.ar/2011/02/traduccion-de-idiomas-y-sintesis-de-voz.html>, but  it is not written how to open the file and which parameter must be  modified. I have Windows 7 Home Premium.

                                                                                                                              Thanks for an answer,

                                                                                                                              Juan Carlos Alvarez.

    using System;
    using System.Net;
    using System.Windows;
    using System.Windows.Controls;
    using System.Windows.Documents;
    using System.Windows.Ink;
    using System.Windows.Input;
    using System.Windows.Media;
    using System.Windows.Media.Animation;
    using System.Windows.Shapes;
    using System.Windows.Threading;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio;
    namespace F.Phone.Translator.Microsoft
    public class XNAFrameworkDispatcherService :IApplicationService
    private DispatcherTimer frameworkDispatcherTimer;
    public XNAFrameworkDispatcherService()
    this.frameworkDispatcherTimer = new DispatcherTimer();
    this.frameworkDispatcherTimer.Interval =TimeSpan.FromTicks(333333);
    this.frameworkDispatcherTimer.Tick += frameworkDispatcherTimer_Tick;
    void frameworkDispatcherTimer_Tick(object sender,EventArgs e) { FrameworkDispatcher.Update(); }
    void IApplicationService.StopService() { this.frameworkDispatcherTimer.Stop(); }
    void IApplicationService.StartService(ApplicationServiceContext context) {this.frameworkDispatcherTimer.Start(); }
    Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:13 AM


  • Hi Juan,

    This is the forum site for Microsoft Translator.  Your question seems to be related to the issue of playing back audio on Windows 7 using XNA files.  Would you mind posting your questions on a more appropriate site?  Thank you.  Microsoft Translator Team.

    Saturday, April 27, 2013 3:00 AM