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  • Hi,

    I have a EX487 with a problem that I really hope that someone could help me with.

    I have for a long time had the two original disks (Seagate 750GB) only in my WHS, in Bay 1 & 2. This late summer, I extended the storage with two Western Digital 2TB disks. I have also (since early summer) used an external 2TB disk for regular backups of the server (Bay 3 & 4). So far so good.

    Today, I had some problems accessing material at the home server through SMB (and DLNA), I kept getting error messages about the file format was not recognized but I could still navigate through all folders. Some material (the material added since the last disk additions and backup) were hower still possible to access (luckily, they are now safe). When I went into the Server Storage tab, it said that it was the Seagate 750 disk that was unhealthy. However, here the problems started. 

    The Seagate disk has always been in Bay 2 (and still is) but in the console, it said that it was in Bay 3. At the same time, it said that one of the WD disks was an external disk. If looking at the Homeserver, two of the lights are shut down (Bay 2 & 3). I tried to remove the Seagate disk from the WHS but the problem still remains (i.e. Bay 3 is missing but with the Seagate disk associated, and the WD disk is considered as external). I have attached a screenshot trying to clarify.

    Does anyone have a clue of why this happens, and (more importantly) what I should do? Any help is welcome!

    Thanks in advance!

    Monday, November 28, 2011 9:54 PM