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  • ...make "X" when you close a application actually close the application and free up the memory. Then implement a minimize ("-") button to close it but leave it running in the background.


    I'm really just tired of having to go into the settings to memory to free up my memory to close applications or going to the icon in the top right hand corner to shut down apps.


    This isn't a necessity, but it's most definitely a convenience people have been begging for. Not to mention people return Windows Mobile phones all the time because they claim thay are slow. It's only slow though because they think they have shut down an app when they really havn't. By the time they go to return it at a store and the rep attempts to sway them to keep it by informing them of the true way to shut them down, they are already too disgruntled to care.


    Seems to me this would be a highly requested and SIMPLE feature to provide that couls increase sales in Windows Mobile products by reducing returns on the phones.


    By the way, I don't sell cell phones. This is coming from a true customer.


    I use a HTC XV6800 with Mobile 6.1.

    Monday, October 6, 2008 4:48 AM