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  • A friend of mine is exceptionally limited in her knowledge of computers, let alone security related topics. I have helped her to lock down her system as much as possible over the telephone as she is a fair distance from me... I had her install Kaspersky IS 2011 but none the less, it appears that someone has hijacked her hotmail account so that they are sending spam / and phishing mails using her account. I have suggested that she change her password to something 'strong' ... I'm not sure if this will circumvent them from still using her address... but it does appear that it is a valid hotmail address and not 'spoofed' ... I would not be surprised if they obtained her info through facebook... as that is really the only thing she uses... and has been known to follow some of the phishing links that have been fed to her...

    Comments? Suggestions? Any thougths past what I've suggested would be great. Thansk in advance for your assistance.


    Thursday, November 25, 2010 1:32 PM

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