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  • I don't know which of these have been discussed before, but I'll post these now so that I'll know it's been done at least once.

    1. There should be a distinction between a thread that contains a code block and a thread that contains a code block containing useful code that someone else may want to look at. I don't think anyone really searches for threads containing code blocks that the OP created to contain the code that doesn't work. I think they're more interested in threads containing code blocks containing the code that does work.
    2. There should be a distinction between a reply from someone else that answers the OP's question and a reply from the OP saying that he's found the answer. Both of these things mean that the thread is no longer as active (except for "me-too", which is a different issue), but only the former deserves the nice green checkmark. I could see using a different symbol to mean "thread no longer requires a response or has been abandoned".
    3. I'd also like to see a distinction between a question and a bug report. Maybe this should be another symbol like "Proposed Answer" or "Answer": "Reported bug". "Reported bug" could include a link to any associated Connect issue or something similar.

    There are more issues like this, but I can't really tell them apart. ;-)

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    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 8:35 PM