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  • Hi,
    I know everyone has wanted to do this at some point in life.
    Back in the days of win 98 I had it all figured out but now with
    XP Pro that I am using and quite happy with  but I want to move my old hard drive
    over to a new system with diferent hardware settings you all know what I mean.

    Win XP is not very good at reloading the mother board drivers and devices
    that win98 or ME could so I wonder is there is a way to put my hard drive
    into the new CPY and start winXP and have it reinstall the basic drivers
    for the new system without having to start from scratch.

    I have a lot of stuff on my older cpu and I just dont have the time or the
    patience to reinstall it all again God there has to be an easier way to migrate WinXP
    into a new piece of hardware. I have some ideas on what to try but again I just though
    I would ask the wizards out there.
    Can anyone help me here or suggestions would be nice, maybe there is a piece of software
    that can do all this but I dont know what to look for.

    So I havnt been on this forum for some time and dont know how you anyone would reply with an
    answer but here is my Email you can send to me direct or a link to what I need to read or what
    I need to do.

    Thanks you in advance
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