My computer wants to talk to my phone as "Windows PC", but my phone is trying to talk to "Windows PC 2". RRS feed

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  • I've got a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows Vista Business.  I had moved my files to it from my previous laptop, a Toshiba Satellite, using Windows Easy Transfer.  I am trying to use Windows Mobile Device Center to synch with my Samsung Omnia i900.  This used to work fine with my Toshiba, and while I thought it was working with my Vaio computer, I was wrong.  Yes, it was doing a "sync", but nothing was really being updated.   I'm guessing something is "broken" (or more likely, not configured correctly).

    When I go to the "Change Content Sync Settings" screen on the PC, "Windows PC" is checked, but there is another listing for "Windows PC 2" which is grayed out - I can't select it.  My phone also lists both connections, but is only connecting to the grayed out selection, "Windows PC2".   The result is, they do "connect", but neither is really talking to the other, as one is looking for "PC" and the other is looking for "PC 2".

    Both the computer and the phone say they are doing a "sync", but nothing gets updated on either the phone or the computer.

    (Could this be because I'm running Office 2010 Beta on the laptop?)


    My first thought was to de-select "PC" on my computer, and maybe then I could change it to "PC 2".  I can't see how to do this.

     I read where I should start the phone, run active sync, then options, and rename the "friendly name" of connection I want to use, but the computer ignored that.  There was no change.

    I finally disconnected the phone, went to the active sync settings, and removed the settings for both PC and PC2.  Unfortunately, this removed all my contacts and the other things being synced.   It also broke some setting, so that when I connected the phone to the computer,  the computer could no longer do anything beyond connecting.  The boxes for "contacts", etc., were there - but I could not "check them" so they would be able to sync.  Fortunately, I had done a backup, so I could restore my contacts.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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