Is 3way file synchronisation with a "NAS Share" and 2 laptops (XP and VISTA) supported with SynToy RRS feed

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  • I have been looking for a way to sync files and also maintain a central repository that creates a back-up.  I rcecently acquired a NAS device and initially intended to use its "file back-up" function but this requires a division of the data from both laptops to record which one is "primary source data" before backing-up. I also realized that the backed-up content should not be used to "share" files or folders to the other laptop! I then considered that I may need a "File Management Solution" instead of back-up!  I have read various threads for SyncToy and it seems to offer a possible solution.  I would like to seek some insight from users to see if the below requirements would work using SyncToy and how best to set-up the "folder pairs".  Here are my requirements:

    1. I want to create a "Central Repository" on the NAS Storage device which uses a RAID 1 configuration with 2 X 2TB HDD's.
    2. Each laptop has a set of files that are "unique" to this laptop and not really shared with the other laptop. I suppose these files (or folders) would simply be defined as a pair between Laptop1<->NAS and different folder pairs on Laptop2<->NAS so that each laptop would still sync these on the NAS unit (for back-up) but not replicate these folders to the other Laptop!
    3. There are folders that need to be synchronised between both Laptops and still centrally stored on the NAS.  However, there are times when a specific file (or folder) may be upated on both laptops with different parts of the file actually changed that need to be incorporated together..or the folder has been renamed or hierarchy changed.  In such cases, there should not simply be a synchronization based on the "most recent date" as this would not meet the need. From what I understand after reading SyncToy threads, it sounds like it MAY be possible for SyncToy to resolve such conflicts?  ..or at least alert the User to make a decision for such files and folders?  Here is what I "assumed" could be done to handle these cases:

      a) Create a folder pair such as "Laptop1-SharedFolder" <-> "NAS-Shared Folder"
      b) Create a folder pair such as "Laptop2-SharedFolder" <-> "NAS-Shared Folder"
      Note: Laptop1 is using XP and Laptop2 is using Vista (32) currently. I will also soon upgrade the XP Laptop to a Vista 62 O/S and wonder if this will cause some synchronization problems!

      Either Laptops could synch their "SharedFolder" pair with the "NAS-Shared Folder"

      Files (or folders) that were only modifed from one laptop would automatically update into the "NAS-Shared Folder" so that when the other Laptop synchs -> it should automatically update the same file or folders into the Laptop.

      Files (or folders) that MAY have changed from both Laptops would appear as a "requiring conflict resolution" ...and ???? What happens then?
    4. Would appreciate any insight from experienced users on the feasability and realibilty of above using SynchToy.

      Thanks in advance

      Lucwondering .. 
    Sunday, May 30, 2010 2:30 PM