Category item no longer sticks with Pay To RRS feed

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  • I'm using Money Sunset, and recently I apparently did something to break behavior that has worked for years. I used to be able to do this:

    1) Click Withdrawal

    2) Select a previously-used Pay To name

    3) If that Pay To name previously had a Category assigned to it, which all mine did, then that shows up automatically in Category

    What actually happens now is that Category remains blank and I have to choose it manually; it's not remembered.

    Same for a Deposit with From and Category.

    Any ideas?

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 6:27 PM

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  • I don't remember that problem being discussed. You could try doing a Window system restore to a time when things worked if you have a suitable restore point. That does not modify your Money files.

    If you did the system restore, the next thing you would want to do is a Windows Update.

    Did you make any changes to IE? You could also try undoing that if you remember what it was. You could also consider setting IE back to its defaults.

    Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:33 PM
  • Oops, sorry, I didn't get an email about this post, and I tend to put Money out of mind  until the latter part of the month.

    A suitable restore point isn't available at this point, but I'm updated.

    IE is reset, too, though I would hope that anything about IE couldn't affect a Money setting like this.

    I was thinking that this had to be one of Money's settings that's gone awry, but finding it has eluded me so far.

    Thursday, October 25, 2012 7:44 PM
  • Go to to the Payee details. One way to do that is to right-click a transaction with that Payee, and choosing GoToPayee. Look in the window that shows all the transactions using that payee and find the last one (sorted by date). If that one has no category, it would cause this behavior.
    Friday, October 26, 2012 1:14 AM
  • I found some that I hadn't used recently (since the ones that I have used recently all have had their category chosen manually each time and so do display correctly in GoToPayee) and found that GoToPayee shows the category correctly. Yet, when I go to create a new entry with one of them, or any one, the category is blank.
    Friday, October 26, 2012 7:32 PM