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  • Two boxes with two OS, so I should have been good, right?  WRONG

    An absolute exercise in frustration and the worst part are some of the precious file losses :(  Long story of how I got to this point, but it doesn't matter, I'm here now.  The only thing that is partially saving me is a 750G backup drive containing about 1/2 my files.

    SOOOOO, I have a couple of config questions.

    If I stay with 2011, how well does the backup program work?  I've noticed my media player connected to the server does not fast forward or fast reverse, any ideas?

    If I go back to V1, while it initially worked, it stopped connecting to the internet at some point.  I did see the suggestion that I needed to install a driver for 2003 or XP.  Have not tried that yet.

    Which brings me to my biggest question...

    I want to use this as a media server, file storage, and backup machine for the other computers in the household.  It's a moderately capable server MB.  At this point to I install 2011 or V1... or is there a better solution?

    Sunday, July 15, 2012 1:00 PM

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  • If both servers were running and stable at the same time, it actually takes a bit of work to lose files in the shares. What happened to cause data loss?

    How well does server backup work? As well as server backup in Windows Server 2008 R2. There are limitations, mostly as a result of the base technology being used; you can use your search engine of choice to learn about them, but the big ones are:

    • One automatic backup configuration is available through the server dashboard, with no manual backup option.
    • Maximum of 2 TB of data backed up at once (this is all of the data in the backup, not just changes from the previous backup).
    • Without (unsupported) tweaks, you can't even select a drive that's been partitioned as a GPT disk and formatted as a single partition of more than 2 TB as a backup source.
    • Can't use the full capacity of large (>2 TB) disks as a backup target.

    It is, however, free.

    I haven't had problems streaming from my server, using the DLNA capabilities built in to the product. If you have specific devices which have trouble with the DLNA server that's built in, you'll have to research potential solutions via the device manufacturer and (again) your search engine of choice.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

    Sunday, July 15, 2012 6:01 PM
  • Ken,

    You're right, it took a LOT of work to lose the files :(  short story, I didn't have enough drive space in the new server, so I said, this is easy, I'll just turn off file sharing and remove one of the 1T from the pool on the old server.  Something happened in the process, likely user error, and I only had a 750g portable drive.  I had already transferred most of the files to the new server running 2011.  Removed a 1T from the V1 server, and life was good... right up until I made the fateful decision that I didn't want 2011 without DE.  installed V1 on the new server, then went to look at the files on the old server, and the data drive was empty.  Most of the video's are recoverable, it will just take a lot of time.  Music, I have gotten lucky because it looks like I transferred all of that to the portable drive.  The two things that I'm just devestated over, the loss of over 32,000 raw photo files and my recipes.  At least on the photos, the ones I really really likes were turned into jpgs, stored on my desktop computer and published on my web page... but I can never go back to re-edit those again, or pull in other photos at another time :(  Recipe's... {sigh}.  My engenious idea of avoiding scraps of paper, etc came to a screaching halt.  Luckily, some, but not all, I still have the scraps of paper.  But even among those, I had fine tuned them to "perfection".  ... ok it was a long story :)

    So, since I'm starting from scratch, and I do have V1 working with internet connection, do I go with V1 or 2011? At this point it doesn't matter, I can go either way.  All the computers I want to back up are running W7, I have the 750 drive with it's files.

    This has really pointed a HUGE hole in my back up plans.  I know that rotating backup disks offsite is essential to maintaining secure data.  But, to backup this amount of data, was a bit more difficult.  I'm thinking that maybe I just need to selectively back up data offsite with a much smaller set of drives, and especially video files, just do a dump from time to time.

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    Sunday, July 15, 2012 6:23 PM
  • I know that rotating backup disks offsite is essential to maintaining secure data.

    Seems to me as if you have learned a lesson. DE or RAID solutions are no alternative for a backup. They offer "high availability", keeping your system and data running when one of your hard drives fail, but that's it. If you end up with corrupted files or a user accidentally deleting files no RAID or DE will protect you.

    That being said, the question you should answer for yourself is: "Do I need high availability, or can I live with the fact that when one of my drives fail my data will not be available until I get a replacement drive and restore from my backup?"

    Aside from the fun in getting everything up and running, I can honestly say that, as a home user, I can live without my files for a few days, but I do want my backups. In other words the server backup of 2011 is imho of greater value than DE. In fact, I was kind of happy no to have to think about DE anymore!

    As for your high volumes of data, it seems to me that much of your data does not change (raw photo files, music), making these files ideal candidates for a manual backup to a dedicated dirve when new files are added. I admit this requires discipline, but so does off site disk rotation.



    Thursday, July 19, 2012 7:07 PM